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Inquiry Management System

Inquiry Management System is an software that is used for managing user inquiries. Customers of small to big companies places inquiries that could be easily tracked by this system. It is developed for multiple branches with different access level. It is used by administrator of any company or organisation. The system minimizes the inquiry processing time.

Inquiry could be placed by any customer via email, phone call or visiting office premises. Customer will be notified through SMS and Email instantly about the inquiry status and progress. Automatic follow up system keeps customers in touch until inquiry closed by that company.


  • Inquiry through Email, phone call, visiting office premises, website
  • Properly inquiry tracking
  • Properly customer tracking
  • Process actual inquiry [No fake inquiry allowed]
  • Product basis inquiry
  • Multiple branches access
  • Track each stages of inquiry [Open, Processing, Closed]

    Category & Product Management
  • Add, View, Update, Delete category
  • Add, View, Update, Delete sub-category
  • Add, View, Update, Delete product
  • Upload product PDF files

    Administrator activity:
  • Instant automatic welcome message through Email and SMS
  • Instant automatic product details PDF file sent through Email and notified by SMS
  • Automatic follow up after regular interval until inquiry closed
  • Faster execution saves time
  • Prevent wastage of money

    Business Module:
  • Less manpower
  • Multiple branches access
  • Automatic system saves the time, multiple inquiries completed within few minutes
  • Saves expenses [No paper work, No pen/pencil, No godown for keeping papers, No manual follow up]
  • Less mistakes made by human beings
  • Automatic follow up system implemented [Email and SMS]
  • Report: All inquiry reports date wise [Any to Any date]
  • Report: Export all reports to Excel sheet and print

  • Most user friendly software
  • Easily undertandable User Interface (UI) for non-technical person
  • Anyone with minimum computer knowledge can operate
  • Clear separate business modules
  • Highly security level for data
  • Faster page loading technique

Version: 1.0